'Diginet UK' (Spring 2017)

Case Study

'Your brand in their hand.'
Diginet UK are a company who create stunning business cards which can be viewed on any device via app. They have devised this to make sharing contacts easier rather than carrying a box of cards. The idea was created by card builder Bodil McCaskill in 2017 and has since gone on to become popular with many small businesses.
Diginet UK's website
First thoughts
I was asked to rebrand their logo, plus create a matching app for devices and to look at the name.This is what their brand looked like at the beginning. The strapline was slightly different and featured a different font and hand-with-phone symbol.
To start with the rebrand, I looked at other tech-associated logos and what they contain. I was looking for logos that visualised information being 'transmitted'. I also looked at app icons.
I looked at tech-inspired names also at this stage. However, after delegation with the client they decided to keep the 'Diginet UK' title.
The question i asked myself at the start: what does technology looks like with a phone? And how does it work?
First Ideas
The 'd' idea - and gradient colours, which look 'futuristic' - came quite quickly. At first, I had this in mind for the actual logo.
More progress
It was here that I came up with the 'transmitting' info imagery via a 'pebble' shaped circle. The two circles is information (or brands) going to other peoples' hands.
The spark
This is when I decided to put two & two together...
Assembling and getting the colours right...
After adding the pebble, aligning all the circles and lines and getting a good font I looked at the colour. The client needed a darker colour so I looked at the gradients again.
The logo was given a better and smoother gradient with more of a 'zing' and the client changed the strapline which rolls off the tip of your tounge better.
App icon
The app icon is simply the pebble with the 'd' in the middle.
How it looks
The Diginet logo works perfect on media such as Bodil's digicard. This includes colours. It has also been used on a roller banner and online (as seen on first slide).