Part two of my Glasgow Basket Brigade case study focuses on the Branding aesthetic and how it was carried through from Online to Print.
Carrying the brand
Carrying the brand is important to building on the logo and its identity. Here, as well as the main website, Louise needed the brand to be carried through social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Gofundme. There was also some printed media as well which would be needed on the day of the main event. This branding was achieved via the colours chosen during the logo process, the Abraham font (plus a new secondary font) and the logo.
Online - secondary font
First we had to choose a secondary font for the website as Abraham just didn’t look right to be used throughout. After looking at a few, the team really liked Open Sans from Google Fonts. It’s a really good sans-serif font which is clear to read
Online - branding on webpage
The website was put together by web designer Ola Clark. Throughout the design, the brand colours I picked for the logo were used throughout to carry the brand through. My logo was also featured at the top.
Online - sponsor banner
I helped Ola out with the sponsor banner. Louise supplied me with good images of each logo to use on this banner and was updated right up until a few days before the event.
Next, there was the images for Facebook - the event page and the main page for the volunteers. I had to produce images for the covers plus a formatted version of the ribbon logo for the profile picture.
Facebook - layouts
I had several layout ideas for the cover design. Louise gave me the text and it was up to me to create some layouts round about it. Some of these had a quote, the basic info and a picture.
Facebook - Image for event page.
Louise really liked the cover design featuring the images. We decided to create a cover featuring a small collage of several pictures from the 2018 event in London, with the logotype and date to the right. There is also a trail of the ribbon logo down the right hand side. Everything works well and looks good and neat.
Facebook - Image for volunteer page.
The cover for the volunteer page was more simpler - a simple call to action to get people to become one of the volunteer brigade.
I now had to create the many instagram posts that were posted throughout the campaign, each to the size of 1080px x 1080px. Each would run in continuity through colour, fonts and style of layouts and would increase awareness of the campaign via engagement.
Instagram - layouts
The first one was more or less the same as the Facebook volunteer page cover with the ribbons spread round about.
Instagram - layouts
The next was the same as the Facebook event page picture with two photos. A green and red variant were made for each.
Instagram - layouts
This post was to encourage people to sponsor one of our Christmas baskets via a small donation.
Instagram - layouts
Every time we reached a milestone in our basket sponsorship, these special posts I created were posted up to let people know how well that we were doing in achieving our goal.
Quote from Anthony Robbins
Anthony Robbins’ inspirational quote was posted. This was very important as Anthony Robbins is a large part of the Basket Brigade via the Tony Robbins Foundation and Louise’s vision of what she wanted the Basket Brigade to achieve.
Involvement - Glasgow Girls Group
To kick off a series of larger sponsorships, we had the Glasgow Girls Club group on Facebook (where Louise posted her first post on her campaign) to give people a chance to add some Bird’s Custard to our baskets. This was another example of engagement with our followers.
Large Donations
This small post was to encourage more well-known people and small businesses to donate larger/expensive items to our Glasgow Basket Brigade raffle.
Involvement - various sponsors
Clyde Union Pumps (where the event would be held), XPO Logistics and Collin Care Nurseries took part in 3 of our posts encouraging followers to donate Mr Kipling Mince Pies, Paxo and Christmas Puddings to our baskets.
Countdown posts
I was asked to create numerous posts to countdown to the big day. Simple and straightforward.
Countdown posts
These worked well on their Instagram page, especially against other posts.
Another inspirational quote, this time from Mother Theresa.
Printed media
I then created some artwork for printed media which comprised of table signage, charts for volunteers to follow and large format print such as roller banners. These were to be used on the day at the Clyde Union Pumps venue.
Print - Roller Banners
I created the layout for two roller banners, the main branding with images (shown in photo) and one featuring the Anthony Robbins quote. These stood out well and were very bold and full of impact.
Print - Table signage
Signage for tables showing the different items to be put in each basket. These were A4 in size.
Print - Charts for volunteers
Three charts were created for the volunteers to follow on how much food to place in each basket. There were three in total, this is just one.
Print - Instaframe
The last item was a fun item where volunteers and their families could pose in a huge cardboard Instagram post and have their selfie taken. This was based on London 2018’s idea.
Gofundme page
The logo for Glasgow Basket Brigade was seen on the Gofundme page on the day where people could donate money to the event.
Glasgow Basket Brigade 2019 was a big success and helped many underprivileged families and the elderly throughout the Christmas period and to help them get by. Through being involved in this project I learned that a little help goes a long way to achieve a goal, especially when you are surrounded by a great team. It also taught me about how powerful a single social media post really can be, as Louise had posted the call to action in the group. If we hadn’t been part of the group and never seen her post, the brigade could’ve went in a different direction. Louise’s dream came true.

Video of the event held at Clyde Union Pumps on Saturday 21st December 2019. My branding for the Glasgow Basket Brigade was used throughout.