More design work

Some older pieces of work from WassellDesigns. These range from non-logo work to more logos from my days before the business and even College and University.
It is good to be proud of your older work as well as your most recent; it also gives you an understanding of my style of work now.
D & J Motorcycles cards (2015)
One of my first clients was D&J Motorcycles, who specialise in off-road vehicle maintenance. I produced these business cards.
'Partial Transparency' book cover (2017)
Book cover design for author Sarah Hawkinson, using mixed media.
Facebook cover
'Partial Transparency' Facebook page cover
'Secure Business Advisors' LinkedIn cover (2018)
A basic image for the Managing Director Phil Eldridge to display on his LinkedIn profile, showing elements of his business and how it works for the customer.
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'Futura East Kilbride' flyer (2016)
This referral was just in time for Halloween
Lanakshire Hydrophonics (2015)
Business cards for Lanarkshire Hydro.
Various car sales web banners (2013)
Some work I did as part of my internship with Levy McCallum Advertising.
Popcorn Horror 'Blood Stamp' (2012)
A symbol I was asked to create for Popcorn Horror in their early days.
'Great Scottish Run' (2012)
Poster for Cancer Support Scotland; part of an