'Glasgow Basket Brigade' (Christmas 2019)

Case Study part 1 - Logo

'One basket can bring hope to a family.'
In October 2019, I became involved in an event organised by Louise Graham. Louise is a person who has experienced a time of hardship at one of the most tough times of the year in London. She got involved with the London Basket Brigade in 2018, an event which aimed to help those in poverty at Christmas time via the delivery of 1,900 food hampers and volunteering in the event changed her life more or less. Overcome with emotion she became empowered to bring the basket brigade experience to Glasgow in 2019. However, she needed some helping hands... This is my story of how I got involved and how I created an identity for this event.
Main website
It started with a Facebook post...
I am one of the many on an exclusive group on Facebook called the Glasgow Girls Club. I came across Louise's cry for help on this group one Sunday afternoon in a post on that group. She was searching for a small army of dedicated volunteers with numerous skills and backgrounds. I volunteered as a designer via a reply and I was in. My mission was to give the Glasgow Basket Brigade an identity - create a logo and expand the brand throughout various platforms and media.
Research - London 2018
I did a lot of research, This board shows images of the London event Louise was involved with in 2018.
Research - Basket Brigades
Research on ‘Basket Brigade’ events across the world. I studied carefully the branding of each event.
Research - Charity logos
A board of various charity logos, focusing on Scottish organisations and events. I l